diumenge, de febrer 16, 2014

113 th Chorus

Mexico City Blues  - 113th Chorus

Got up and dressed up
and went out & got laid 
Then died and got buried 
 in a coffin in the grave, 
 Yet everything is perfect, 
Because it is empty, 
Because it is perfect 
with emptiness, 
Because it's not even happening. 

Is Ignorant of its own emptiness— 
Doesn't like to be reminded of fits— 

You start with the Teaching 
 Inscrutable of the Diamond 
And end with it, your goal 
 is your startingplace, 
 No race was run, no walk 
 of prophetic toenails 
Across Arabies of hot 
 meaning—you just 
 numbly don't get there

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